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Bucky x Reader Someone New Part 7
    Bucky stared long and hard at the mural made for himself in the Smithsonian. You stared at Bucky.
    "Is anything coming back to you at all what so ever?"
    "A little. Not in full detail but... let's just say we are getting there." Bucky started to walk around and look at the other things in the museum.
    "Not going to lie this is the first time I broke into a museum with a complete stranger at..." You look at your watch. "1 in the morning."
    "You said you had answers for me so I followed you not me."
    "Okay but you knew how to break into a place. That's pretty cool." You walked next to him slowly. It was silent for the majority of the walk. 
    "So now that You know a lot about me in a way, Why don't you tell me about yourself a bit?" He tried to break the silence. You pondered about what to tell him and not to tell him only because you had just met the guy and he was technically a killer...
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Someone new Bucky x Reader part 6
      "Find them! I want all three of them alive! Go!" Rumlow said to the other guards. They all frantically ran out of the room on the search for the three escapers. 
    You had a firm grip on Andrew as he walked in between you and the soldier. Your hair was tucked in a hat with a long trench coat blowing in the wind. The soldier had a hat on with a regular jacket too. You walked pass strangers in the rain walking with a good pace with no breaks.
    "Can we get some pizza?" Andrew asked as You three stopped at a crosswalk next to the pizza place.
    "I have some in the fridge when we get home." You said under your breath.
    "It would be best to stay somewhere else. They know where you live. That's probably where they'll look first." The soldier said.
    "It's worth a shot though. I need stuff there." You said walking with your hand gripping tighter on Andrew. You walked through the parking gara
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Someone New Bucky x Reader Part 5
    "Do you have any three's?"
    "Go-fish. Do you have an ace?"
    "You're to good at this!" Andrew handed over an ace to add to your collection. You two were still stuck inside the bad guy's liar. The doctors continued to work on the man with the metal arm. The silence in the room was driving you crazy.
    "So. Do you have a name?" You asked looking at the soldier. He just looked at you confused at the question. 
    "Try a different language." Andrew whispered.
    "Comment t'appelles-tu?"(What is your name) You tried in French. He half smiled. 
    "He is not aloud to to speak unless needed." One of the doctors said.
    "Well it is needed. I can't keep calling him metal-arm or creepy assassin guy." You replied.
    "Je n'ai pas" The soldier said softly. ( I don't have one) The doctor zapped him causing him to flinch away.
    "You guys are asshats... don't
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Someone New Part 4
    "I told him to kill them not bring them back."
    "We could use them sir." You had a splitting head ache when you woke up. Your hands where bound behind your back and you felt blood dribbling down your nose. You rolled over to find that you were in what looked like a bank. You slowly sat up agains the wall with the blood dripping down your shirt.
    "Aunt (Y/n)!" Andrew was about to run to you and probably hug the living daylights out of you but a soldier had him by the arms.
    "Where do you think your going kid?" He said sternly. 
    "Hey its alright Rumlow. " A man in a nice suit and on the older side said. He let go of Andrew and he ran over to you and hugged you deathly tight. You were still trying to gain your surroundings. 
    "Where are we.." You said Looking around some more.
    "It's like their secret hideout. You know like in the comic books the bad guys always has the evil lair."
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Someone New Bucky x Reader Part 3
    You and Andrew had frantically ran back to Your apartment with a box of meat lovers pizza in your hand. You told your doorman not to allow any visitors to You room.
    "Let me see those pictures you took." You said with a mouth full of pizza. Andrew handed over his phone to you. They were good pictures but not of his face because of his mask.
    "These are good. Maybe we can go take them to the police tomorrow." You said handing his phone back.
    "We should find Captain America!" He said. You rolled your eyes smiling. As you walked your plate over to the sink, your napkin fell. You ducked down to grab it and a gun shot went off. You immediately looked over at Andrew who was alright but looking at the window where the bullet came though at. You looked at the wall where your head was. You swallowed hard.
    "Andrew get down!" He got on the floor and crawled over to You. 
    "What was tha
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Someone new Bucky x Reader Part 2
    The next morning You and Andrew had ice cream for breakfast before heading to the Smithsonian. The line to get in was ridiculous. But it's what Andrew wanted to do.
    "Did you know that Captain America wasn't aloud to go to the army because he was so small? Also did you know he can now lift a full motorcycle? I think he lives here in DC. We should come back tomorrow to see if he comes! that would be great!"
    "I don't think Captain America would want to come read about himself." You said walking with your hands in your pockets. You couldn't keep track of all the crying kids who wanted to go to the gift shop. As Andrew was reading some more about Steve Rogers, You walked to a mural with a man named Bucky Barnes. You stared reading about him ignoring the fact that you left Andrew. You couldn't help but stare at the picture they had of him. There was something about him but you couldn't put your finger on it. You turned around and saw that Andrew was
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Someone New Bucky x Reader Part 1
    It was the weekend you were picking up your nephew from your sister's house. It was just for a week while she was off on a business trip and her husband was off in another country helping starving children. You drove all the way up to Maryland to get him. Your apartment was back in DC where you worked at a coffee shop for a living. Also in a tiny bookstore.
    You pulled into your sister's driveway in your tiny car that you had just paid off. You sister, Sarah, had a great big two story house that looked like it belonged on a Home and Garden magazine. You ringed the doorbell and heard the patter of feet coming down the stairs. That made you smile.
    "Aunt (Y/n) is here!!" He hollered out. He swung the door open and jumped into your arms.
    "Hey Andrew! Yo've gotten way too big for me." You smiled. Andrew was 12 years old and could tell you anything you needed to know about technology.
    "I'm so excited for
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Bucky x Reader Run (part 2)
Hey guys! I finally decided to do another part to this story. I might do more depending on how well my imagination feeds me.
    You woke up the next morning in pain. You thought about last nights events with the Soldier and Pierce. Who was that guy? And how did he know where you lived? Your head started to hurt so got up to get some medicine.  You could barley use your arm without it hurting. Banging came at the door.
    "Miss (last name), we just have a few questions for you."  You could hear other men too. 
    "Alright just give me a few moments please to change." You lied. It was probably the same assholes who shot you. You opened the fire escape window quietly and started climbing down. You then heard banging on the door more until it was smashed. You moved faster. You ran out onto the street frantically looking for your car until you remember you left it a Pierce's house. You just ran down the street when you remembered your frie
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Winter Soldier x Reader (19)
It was something that happened in the heat of the moment. He was suppressing so much, it all spilled out at once. Everything. All his rage; not at you, at the fact that he couldn’t love you and keep you safe doing it. All the pain that he felt holding back from you. All the desire he’d pent up for so long. It was like a hurricane of emotion that made him feel good.
Bucky didn’t mean to let himself go and kiss you, but there was no way he would stop. It was his greed that prevented him from letting go of you, from letting your soft lips escape his. He didn’t care if he would regret this, all he knew was that he needed you. The fragile girl that he’d been so compelled to save that first day he saw her being attacked. All he knew was that he never wanted this feeling to stop, because goddammit it felt good.
He couldn’t do this to you... he had to stop. Bucky would do anything not to hurt you, anything to keep you safe. In the blindness
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Hi! Just a girl who is a fangirl for many movies. (And I mean a lot of movies) I am still working on my art but I love to write stories in the meantime!

Famous people I love but do not know I exist: Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans, Orlando Bloom and to many more to list.

Tumblr: geekchick2892 Tiny stories too!! Like one-shots! (No art just hot pictures of these dudes ^)

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(character) X Reader
I'll do a literature pice for whoever. I do not know every fandom so I am sorry if i can't do a piece for you.


I saw the transformers 5 trailer. Please excuse me while I go cry in a corner


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